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by Cynthia Blumenkrantz
09 Apr 2017

What a day! Our Breakfast Before the Battle of Bound Brook went off well! Thanks to the Heritage Trail members that made it happen. David Lang was our speaker on the battle before people went to the reenactment. My new dress worked wonderfully. Another fun time with the reenactors and the North River Historic Dancers. Missed you Steve!

Today from 12 to 3:30, Oct 9th was our last day of weekend journey through the past at the Van Horne House. Guided, interactive tours started every 15 minutes and lasted an hour. Everyone took the time to enjoy the event. We had comments like, 'this is the best event ever!" and so much more.

His Excellency, General George Washington attended the reception and shared his love of America with the boy scouts who came through our program as well as enjoyed the guided tour himself!

We are blessed to know this man and honored each time he is a Van Horne guest. — with Anthony Love.

As the Heritage Trail Association approaches its 25 th anniversary, our band of committed volunteers works hard to schedule and present outstanding world class programs for our friends and neighbors!

In January, our free speaker series hosted Mr. Rand Scholet who presented, “Alexander Hamilton: America’s indispensable founder and visionary”. Founder of the Alexander Hamilton Society, Mr. Scholet is in great demand and we were lucky to host him.

In February, we hosted local authors, Linda and Robert Barth and James Sommerville III, as they presented their book, “Somerville Through Time”. One of the great things about Somerville is that its historic charm has not been ruined over time.

In March, our free speaker series welcomed Dr. Richard Veit who educated and enlightened us on, “Stop and Cast and Eye, an Introduction to New Jersey Burial Grounds”.

April was busy. We held our annual, “Breakfast Before the Battle”. On the Battle of Bound Brook (BBB) day, we host a breakfast. Our special guests of Phillip and Elizabeth Van Horne were General George Washington (Sam Davis), and our Lord Mayor of Bridgewater, Mr. Daniel Hayes, Jr. Our guests were explained the BBB by David Lang to arm them as they went off to the reenactment.

BBB evening saw 60 or more guests for the annual ball held each Saturday evening of the Battle weekend. Period dances called by Janice Wolk of the North River Historic Dancers and live music by Ann and Ridley Enslow.
In April, we were treated once again by Linda and Robert Barth. This time as the experts of the Delaware and Raritan Canal narrated bus tour. The weather obliged us with a nice day to walk along the canal and pick the bus back up for the remainder of our tour.

In May, our narrated bus tour of Simcoe’s Raid through Somerset County led us to a local cemetery not accessible to the public, artifacts from that area and travel to the place where Col. John Graves Simcoe was captured by the Continentals-in Somerset County.

patriots game

June brought us to our neighbor’s door, TD Ballpark, home of the Patriot Baseball team, on former Van Horne property. Along with the Middlebrook Theatrical Society, founder David Lang is Somerville’s official Town Crier; HTA presented a Hopkinson Flag to the team to waive. Promoting the area’s history as Middlebrook as it was known during the Revolutionary war, HTA and MTS offered a Middlebrook trivia game at the table manned by Linda and Robert Barth.

Here’s one…”Where did General George Washington make his headquarters during the Middlebrook Cantonment during the winter of 1778-1779?” Why, the Wallace House in Somerville, of course! The General rented 1/2 of the Wallace House for his and Martha’s use and the Wallace’s lived in the other 1/2. If you live in the area, I am SURE you got that right.

If you did not answer correctly, you may want to visit the house and so many others that were used during the war and still exist today. We have a full calendar for you from July to December

June also allowed us to host Dr. Mark Lender who spoke on his book, “Fatal Sunday, George Washington, the Monmouth Campaign, and the Politics of Battle”. Dr. Lender amazed us with details and backgrounds of the battle we thought we knew, but did not quite understand. HTA was thrilled to have him.

Heritage Trail Association works hard to offer high quality programs. If you have not had the opportunity to join us for an event, we hope to see you soon. If you are a frequent guest, you know you are always welcome back! !

We have a full calendar for you from July to December. Go to www.heritagetrail.org and discover your next historic outing!

by Cynthia Blumenkrantz
21 June 2016

Today we woke up to a furnace that refused to stay on. Eric worked on it a bit then off to "work". We joined with the docent staff at the Jacobus Vanderveer house in Bedminster to inhabit the house during their Colonial Christmas! With the rooms wonderfully decorated for Christmas, there was Santa giving gifts to the children, a 1700's hot chocolate making demonstration and much more.

The Middlebrook Theatrical Society is happy to provide our reeinActors for their event! Next Saturday, do not miss the music of the Enslows ( well sought after musicians). The Heritage Trail Association will add to our merry Middlebrook players! Come and dance with us, learn about colonial chocolate, and discover more of our heritage- all wrapped up in Colonial Christmas dressing as only the Vanderveer house does!


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